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10 Things You Can Roll Clean

10 Things You Can Roll Clean

  • When you have guests coming over or are just running short on time, cleaning with a Scotch-Brite™ Lint Roller can quickly clean your living room, and more, with just a flick of your wrist. See how below.

1. Couch Cushions

  • Of course vacuuming the couch is always a great deep cleaning habit, but what about those times when you just need a quick clean before company comes? You can lint roll the top, sides and even underneath the cushions of couches and chairs to quickly clean up hair, lint and even crumbs.

Couch Cushions
  • 2. Lamp Shades

    Even when deep cleaning your house, you don’t always think to clean your lampshades. However, when the lighting is just right, you can notice dust particles and sometimes even hair lingering on your lampshades. Simply roll for an easy, breezy clean.
Using a lint roller to clean off the couch
  • 3. Throw Pillows

    Washing throw pillows can destroy their shape over time. But if you’re worried about dust or pet hair accumulating on pillows, you can easily clean them, and cut down on washes, with our Lint Roller. You can also peel a sheet off and wrap around your fingers to clean the smallest of button tufts.

  • 4. Pantry Shelves

    Our Lint Roller is so sticky, it can even pick up crumbs off some other surfaces. Try using one on pantry shelves to quickly roll up crumbs that can attract unwanted critters.

Pantry Shelves
  • 5. Felt Furniture Pads

    Furniture pads are like a magnet for dust bunnies, hair and crumbs that unknowingly migrate to your floor. When you notice a build up of fuzz, grab a lint roller and effortlessly clean these in a pinch.
Felt Furniture Pads
  • 6. Drapes

    Do you ever wonder why drapes and shower curtains can get so dusty? It’s because they are essentially large fabric traps for airborne dust and lint particles. Many drapes are also not laundry friendly, depending on their material. That’s why we think using our Lint Roller is a great option; it cleans drapes, curtains and even shower curtains in a snap and can instantly refresh your space.

  • 7. Paint Roller

    Although it’s not every season you paint the interior of your house, we thought this tip was so valuable, we couldn’t resist telling you about it. If you’re planning on painting any surface that requires a used paint roller, take one of our Lint Roller and roll the fuzzy paint roller to clear it of debris before painting for a flawless finish.

Paint Roller
  • 8. Car

    Whether you have toddlers or not, seats in cars seem to be where food, fuzz and dirt go to live for the long haul. Which is why we love quickly rolling out child seats, boosters and regular old bucket and bench seats with our lint rollers for a quick clean that doesn’t require a vacuum with a clumsy tube.
  • 9. Purses and Bags

    One of the hardest places to clean is inside the seam of a purse, backpack or suitcase. The tiniest of crumbs, lint, skin cells and even hair seem to imbed themselves into the hidden creases and crevices of any carry-on or bag. But you can easily clean with one of our lint rollers; if the roller is too big to fit, simply remove a single sheet, wrap over hand and dab the dirty area as needed.

Paint Roller
  • 10. Stuffed Animals

    If you have kids, you already know that stuffed animals can accumulate as quickly as dirt and dust in your house. Especially since so many of them end up sitting around, waiting to be played with again, and collect dust, lint, hair and other kid mystery debris. That’s why we love lint rolling stuffed animals between washes; you can keep them looking new.

    There you have it. See how creative you can get with cleaning with our Lint Roller from Scotch-Brite™.

Stuffed Animals
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