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It wasn’t long ago that I laughed when someone told me I could practically clean my whole home with what I had in the pantry cupboard. Now I look back and must laugh at myself.

What I didn’t know then was that so many naturally sourced products actually have remarkable cleaning properties. And I’m talking about achieving a genuine clean - one that I’m satisfied with and confident is looking after my family too.

Plus, as a mum to a beautiful 19-month-old toddler (yes, I am totally bias, but aren’t we all) having a clean, healthy home has never been more important to me. 

Only through like-minded mums did I learn how easy it was to clean without the need of excessive manufactured chemicals. It’s why I want to share a few of my recipes for success in becoming a greener cleaner.

Before starting anything, it’s always good to equip yourself with some quality cleaning tools (nothing beats a really good non-scratch scourer). And then it’s down to these wonderful little helpers below.

•    White vinegar
•    Bi-carb soda
•    Eco-Friendly Detergent
•    Essential oils* (Tea Tree, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint)
•    Olive Oil
•    Distilled water (cooled boiled water is also good as tap water can have some bacteria that can grow in a few days, you don’t want that in your cleaning solutions)

*Do always ensure you follow the safety warning when using essential oils, as they are of high potency. Pregnant women, children and people on blood-thinners (depends on type) should avoid essential oils. Ensure you wear rubber gloves and googles for protection when handling. If swallowed or an adverse reaction, seek medical attention immediately.